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Kelly Martin mental health blogger

The dark and light carry the wisdom we seek ~ Kelly Martin

As a writer, You Tube speaker and podcaster my goal is to

  • Help you see yourself as sacred, no matter what s***t is hitting the fan internally or externally in your world
  • Reach the part of you that doesn’t feel good enough and help you remember your wholeness
  • Inspire you through personal stories of struggle and how I have moved through them
  • Encourage you to see the gift in the pain
  • Awaken within you the ability to have self-compassion and learn to accept who you are, whatever is taking place in your world and life

How Do I Do This?

My life has been a melting pot of deep depression, challenging anxiety and low self-esteem.

I simply didn’t know my value or my worth.

As I’m taking my life journey, I’m discovering ways to travel through this world in a more mindful and conscious way. Through my blog posts at KellyMartinSpeaks, my book When Everyone Shines But You’ and my You Tube channel I encourage you to welcome in the dark stuff, in ways you may have never thought possible.

On my website I share my writing as an author and my growing presence online.

More about me

  • I’m 43 years old, single, no children so my time is spent enjoying nature, writing, podcasting, networking and researching.
  • In 2019 I set up a mental health radio station available worldwide which reached 4405 listeners in only 3 months. I also had the immensely challenging experience of needing to take it off-air due to lack of human resources, but I learned so much about success in the process
  • In my Facebook group for women, ‘Sisters Learning To Shine’ we come together as an online digital tribe supporting one another in growing into who we came here to be
  • I am overcoming a fear of public speaking fortnightly in my Facebook LIVES and various workshops locally
  • I share a home with my best friend Michael, who is a writer, teacher and author of the I CHING and also 80+ years old wise Yoda type man and I feel very blessed to receive the wisdom he has gained spiritually in my life journey
  • I am learning to embrace ‘what is’ in my life and to not focus on lack, it is a challenge sometimes and I speak more about this more on my other blog Kelly Martin Speaks
  • In 2020 my first two books will be available as audiobooks and I will be writing a third in the series along with compiling a pocket book of empowering support for those who feel wearied from life difficulties

Are you ready to remove your masks?

Be who you came here to be?

Contact me HERE if you have any questions about how to do this and I will see if I can address your issue in a future blog post, podcast or You Tube video.

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I look forward to supporting or working with you,

​Kelly x