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The Reluctant Writer

writer procrastination
Everything happens in its own time. Sometimes life presents us with difficulties and challenges and we are unable to move forward. For me it’s been more a case of writing and not writing, writing and not writing. I am late with my new book, my intention was to finish it by summer and I have only just begun to write it. I am using this time to develop self-compassion and acceptance and surrender to my natural flow.In the time since I last posted, I fell in love, had a short love affair, a painful break-up and at the same time I nearly bled to death due to an operation challenge to do with my lady-parts. Not an easy writing time, but some would say great food for the writing. It is now, but in the midst of it, it was more head down and hide until I could come back up for air. And this is exactly what I did.
Right now we are in the middle of summer. The UK is in the middle of a heatwave and as I sit here I have a fan blasting on my body and I’m drinking a home-made glass of cold sangria, but I secretly wish I had ice-cream in the flat. We have home-made ice-cream, but it’s not quite ready yet and my inner child is stamping her feet because she wants it now.I feel like I let my author website be neglected. I am sorry website for neglecting you, please forgive me, I love you, thank you for keeping the ship afloat while I took a hiatus.

Being a writer can be hard going. Some people come to it really easily; they seem to be eating, breathing and living writing. Me? It was more a ‘drag me kicking and screaming’ sometimes as I battled against my inner world of ‘not good enough’. My book ‘When Everyone Shines But You‘ was the beginning of my journey, but only the beginning. It is a roadmap of inner wisdom and guidance for anyone who has carried a failure story like me for way too long and who want to awaken to who they really are beyond the story.

So now I am ready, ready to start again. Keyboard at the ready. Lets get the show on the road for the next book.


  1. Magdelene Magdelene

    There is this idea in the writing world that everyday of writing runs smoothly. If only!!
    Life happens. Through the highs and lows of its path, we mine the caves for literary genius. These months you’ve spent focused on your health and your life will be the foundation of future work.The subconscious process of transmuting experiences into written ideas takes time. So - to my mind - there isn’t ever a time when you are anything other than a writer, even when we aren’t creating something.
    I say that you should give yourself a break. I’ve neglected my things also. My turn at the pen will come around again. Take care on your end, hon. Light & Love on your path.

    • Kelly Martin Kelly Martin

      Hi Magdelene, it is so nice to hear your experience and it gives me relief. Yes, it was time needed and now I am writing again - hurrah! I’m taking part in this years Camp Nanowrimo have you heard of it?

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