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When Everyone Shines Including You

When Everyone Shines Including You

When Everyone Shines Including You

“I was going through some challenging changes and if I hadn’t had this book I would have felt I was on the wrong path and very alone. This encouraged me to keep going…”
Hiding is no longer an option.

Being seen, being heard and sharing your light with the world is calling you. Are you ready to take the leap into the great unknown, leave the stories of the past behind, and shine?

When Everyone Shines INCLUDING You (Book 2 in ‘The Shine Series), takes the reader on a journey through the highs and lows of learning to shine for the first time. From resistance to allowing the natural unfolding of life to take place. 
Not everyone is able to go leaping into the spotlight easily. Not everyone has the confidence to shout from the rooftops, ‘Look at me; here I am!’ After many years of feeling invisible, feeling like a failure, shining is a huge step.

‘When Everyone Shines INCLUDING You’ will make the journey a more fulfilling and compassionate experience, revealing how your humanity holds your greatest gifts and how vulnerability is your greatest strength.

In Book 2 in ‘The Shine Series’ You Will

  • Learn how to stop pushing against the flow as you step into your power.
  • Discover how to embrace your ego without becoming arrogant.
  • Embrace  and honour your personal limitations and then release them.
  • Awaken to your own value and share your worth with the world.

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Praise for ‘When Everyone Shines Including You’

Latrelle Ross“When Everyone Shines Including You, is a wonderful sequal to Kelly Martin’s first book, When Everyone Shines But You. Kelly takes personal growth to the next level by not only sharing her wisdom, but by also including the reader in the personal process she went through to acquire it.”Lorna Hedges, Author and TeacherWell it took me 24hrs to read this book, I had to put it down eventually to go to bed but picked it up the next day and finished it, Inspiring, accomplished, motivating, caring, expressive, are just a few moving words to describe how I felt reading Everyone Shines Including You, a marvelous read, this book should be in every doctors surgery it should be prescribed instead of tranquilisers as the book is a pill that everyone should take…” Andy BowkerThis is an excellent read, particularly for people who feel a bit out of place in the spiritual community where there seems to be a lot of goal getting, entrepreneurial people that possess something you don’t seem to have. It’s okay to be yourself and work at your own place and face whatever needs to be faced, and to not feel bad if you’re not quite on the same hymn sheet as some of your friends – this book will encourage you to just be your excellent, beautiful selfClaire Legge, Business Coach and HypnotherapistNext time I advise my clients to write as part of their healing journey THIS will be the book I’ll be recommending; I couldn’t give them a better example. What a wonderful book. With such sumptuously rich and delightfully colourful language; you can almost feel the words in your mouth… but they cannot take away the raw authenticity…

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