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How We Review Slot Machines

Considering the high number of slot machines on the market, it’s safe to say that slots are arguably the most popular casino games. Though the umbrella slots portfolio is popular among casino games portfolios, individual games inside the slots portfolio differ for the games’ popularity index. Therefore, many people play certain slots every day while seldom playing others.

The best way to unearth the popular from the not-so-popular slots portfolio is to review the games by checking different parameters. In the guide below, we are going to expose and explore the parameters to consider when reviewing slot machines.

Parameters to Consider When Reviewing Slot Machines

RTP (Return to Player Percentage)

Undoubtedly, the most important attribute that players look for when searching for slot machines is the profitability aspect. What are the expected returns from the wager one places? Well, to know just how much the game returns (theoretically), players should consider the theoretical return to player percentage. The higher the RTP percentage, the small margin of loss expected. Inversely, the lower the RTP, the bigger the margin of loss expected. Putting this into practice, if a game has a 98% RTP, it means that if the player wagers $100, she/he can expect to lose only $2. Therefore, we recommend to you to go for high RTP games.

Slot Volatility/Variance

How do you want your payouts to come - frequently but in small amounts or infrequently, but as a lump sum? Each slot, by default, offers payouts either frequently or infrequently. What determines how the payouts come is the volatility level. A low-volatility game offers frequent winning combinations which spit out low payouts. A high-volatility game offers infrequent winning combinations, but once they land, a huge win is guaranteed.

Mobile Compatibility

The mobile revolution brought about great convenience. Nowadays, one can engage in literally anything on the internet using a mobile device. Even spinning the reels is an activity you can do on the go. If you prefer playing games on the go, settle for games optimised for mobile play. Developers design games optimised for mobile play using either Flash or HTML5 technology.


Slot machines are chance-based games. However, there are some tools incorporated in games which make them either simple or complex. As different players have different needs, those who prefer simplicity should go for simple games, while those who prefer a more complicated gameplay should settle for complex games. In simple terms, simple games are classic or classic-inspired slots that feature limited or even zero bonus features. Complex games are games that come with a plethora of bonus features.

Free Play Mode

While matching identical symbols, creating win lines and scooping the resultant payouts is the major driving force that pulls players to play slot machines, there is a need for players to acclimatize to the gameplay rules, before placing a real money wager, use playing advice and winning strategies. Owing to this, players should consider games that offer a free play mode (demo mode).


A game is only great if you can play it. Unfortunately, owing to licensing stipulations among other measures put in place by regulatory authorities, players in one jurisdiction may enjoy a game, but those in another jurisdiction won’t access it. It’s important, therefore, for players to consider the jurisdictions that a game is accessible in when doing their reviews.

While the above list is not exhaustive, it’s important to note that the exposed parameters are the most significant. Other parameters that players may consider include the betting options supported, languages supported, auto-play options, availability of jackpots and game theme, number of reels and paylines/megaways/ways to win.

How Do You Choose the Best Slot Machines to Play On?

Are you looking forward to playing your very first slot machine? Or perhaps you have played slots before, but you just want to know the hacks of picking the very best out of the rest. Well, you can find slot machines in abundance. While we don’t have a specific number, it’s safe to say that they exceed the 25,000 mark. Picking the best from this lot can be quite a daunting, if not overwhelming, task. The great news we want to share with you right now is that there are some handy tools which you can use to siphon the best slots from the rest. To learn all these hacks, simply continue reading this guide.

Personal Considerations to Bear in Mind When Picking the Best Slot machines

As an individual, you have some preferences and desires. It is these preferences and desires which should guide you when choosing the best slots to play. Below, we are going to outline the parameters to consider when picking the top slots vis-à-vis your preferences and desires.

Game Theme

What is that thing you love? Do you love going out into the wild and seeing all the beauty that mother earth offers? Perhaps you are fond of fishing expeditions. Or you just love to relax in the comfort of your own home, listening to your favourite musician or watching your favourite acting stars. Regardless of what makes your body tickle, you will definitely find an online slot that is based on your favorite hobby or recreational activity. This, therefore, means in picking the best game, you need to pick a game that’s based on what you love.


Once you find the range of slots that come with a desirable theme, you should then consider the platform they are accessible on. Some people derive the best gaming experience from playing on a gaming desktop with great specs. Others, however, can do with the convenience of enjoying their gaming sessions on the go using mobile devices. Depending on your preferences, go for games that are accessible on the platform you love. If you prefer playing on the desktop, you will be delighted to know that game developers optimize most games for computer gaming. Those who prefer playing on the go should look for games designed using Flash or HTML5 technology.

Supported Bet Options

Apart from entertainment, another actor that attracts players to slot machines are the potential payouts that come once identical symbols land on the reels. However, before you think of the payouts or even jackpot prizes (if playing fixed/progressive jackpot games), you need to be aware of the supported bet options. Broadly speaking, we categorize slots into penny slots, high roller slots, and those that fall in the medium range. If you prefer betting with low wagers, your best option is penny slots. Those who prefer going all out should go for high-roller slots. Slots that fall in the medium range are great for players who can mix their bet options from low to high and vice versa during a gaming session.

Slot Machines Variance/Volatility

After deciding your bet option, the next thing is to consider the frequency with which win lines land on the reels. For most people, frequent win lines are the best. Just to see that coin animation on the screen or hear popping coins when a win line lands brings so much joy to them. However, it’s important to note that low-volatility games which guarantee frequent win lines pay out relatively low rewards. Inversely, high volatility games whose win lines land less frequently pay out relatively big rewards once the win lines. In picking your best slot, you, therefore, need to pick between small but frequent wins or infrequent but huge payouts. You can also settle for medium volatility slots that balance the frequency of landing win lines and the size of payouts.

Bonus Features/Jackpots

Bonus features determine two important things for slots. First, they determine if a slot is simple or complex. Second, they help determine the lucrativeness of the game. On the simplicity/complexity front, always remember many bonus features and/or jackpots means it’s a complex game. You can infer that the game is quite simple if it doesn’t have these features, as all the action is confined to the base game. In picking the best slot, you, therefore, need to be cognizant of this. Another thing to note is that a game becomes more lucrative as it has more bonus features/jackpots.

Return to Player Percentage (RTP)

Last but definitely not least, you should be in the loop about the theoretical return to player percentage. RTP is a special marker which helps you at least theoretically determine how much you stand to win/lose during your gaming session. A slot whose RTP is near 100 (96% or better) is theoretically a great and appealing proposition to try out. Slots whose RTP is 95% and below for profitability aren’t the best.

To conclude, we just want to highlight the fact that slots differ with what they offer. Owing to this, it’s down to individual preferences and desires to siphon the best slots to play. In this guide, we exposed all the important parameters to consider when picking the best slots via-a-vis one’s preferences and desires.