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Why does life seem so unfair?

Riddled with depression and long-term anxiety, Kelly Martin wanted answers to many questions. She grew so frustrated with regular self-help books that seemed to have a ‘fast-food’ approach to healing and so one day decided she must have the answers inside. ‘When Everyone Shines But You’ became the first book in a series that shone a light on the darkness she was feeling and so began a journey of learning to live in a whole new way. This book is for you if you are stuck and want life to change in a way that is sustainable and true to you.

A book for readers who have found other self-help books lacking and unable to understand the wounding that can make positive thinking really hard for many people.


Kelly Martin mental health blogger

Self-Acceptance Author, Mental Health Blogger and Podcaster

Forty years of struggle, has brought me to a place in my life where I can offer a more graceful approach to life. I’m very human, always learning, always growing, sometimes stumbling and falling, but always keeping a beginners mind.

On my blog Kelly Martin Speaks I write about topics like depression and anxiety to awakening to purpose and mindfulness, I have the skills, passion and unconventional mindset that brings a fresh new energy to the written word. As an introvert and mental health blogger, I encourage readers to explore the shadow from a place of compassion. Alongside my podcast I offer you different ways to embrace who you are.