Cryptologic Slots

Cryptologic started as a family business created back in 1995 by the Rivkin brothers. Their first job was to create software for Inter Casino and since then Cryptologics’ software stands as one of the best on the online gambling market. You can find their slot titles at most of the popular online casinos.

Enjoy The Excitement Of Cryptologic Slots!

The company provides software for all casino games and poker rooms as well. Probably their best feat is the slot machine software. You can either download the Cryptologic software to your computer or play directly using the Java and Flash applications. One of the best things when you play at their casino is the level of communication that you can develop with other players because Cryptologic is voted as one of the most chat friendly gambling societies. If you are worried that you don’t know all the rules about a particular slot don’t worry, because you only need to point on the game with your cursor and a detailed list of all the necessary rules will pop out. Some bad sides or so called cons can be found when you talk about the strength of the software Internet connection, but this is always clearly stated in the terms and conditions.
This gaming provider stands out as one of the best places to find the most popular slot titles and the main reason for this is that they have a license for creating slot games with Marvel thematic. Some of the most popular include: Batman, Captain America, Call of Duty, Bejeweled, Conan the Barbarian, Fantastic Four, Blade, Green Lantern, Braveheart, Iron Man, King Kong, etc. This is just a fraction of over 200 interesting slot titles that can be found at casinos supported by Cryptologic. As you can notice the titles are mostly based on characters from the Marvel comics and some popular blockbuster movies.