Everything you need to know about progressive jackpot slots

Just to make things clear, this article will not show you any methods on how to make a 100% guaranteed profit when playing slot games with progressive jackpots. We will just present some basic facts on slot mechanics and what types of games to choose when your goal is to chase the progressive.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

Progressive jackpot is the main prize that a player can win, closely affiliated with slot games. The amount increases by a fraction with every wager a player has made. Usually greater number of machines is connected in order to create the progressive jackpot. In modern days online casinos often use software from various different providers and thatís why the progressive jackpot is usually connected with the company that has created it and not the very online casino site that promotes it.
This means that the same game can be played at great number of casinos and the increase of the progressive depends from all of them. Letís say that Playtech has created a popular slot title like X-Men. This game is distributed by different online casinos, but the amount of the progressive jackpot is the same for all of this providers and it could be won at any of them.

How to Choose the Right Slot?

You should first define your goal. Do you want to make regular winnings on each hand or you just want to chase the huge progressive jackpot? If you like the first option then choose a slot that doesnít have a huge progressive, but will make your money worth with its vast offer of freebees and bonus rounds.
But if you like to chase that progressive, then there are few other things that you need to take into consideration. First of all look for a slot that has a random progressive jackpot, which is triggered no matter the amount of the wager. This means that you can invest a single coin with a minimum wager and you can hit the jackpot at the end of each spin no matter the outcome. Real Time Gaming provides a big offer of these types of jackpots. Also very important elements are the wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol will replace any other icon in the game in order to create a winning combination whilst the scatter will create a winning combination anywhere on the reels and it usually opens a bonus round that will give you some free spins or multipliers. These two will prolong your playing time and budget which will increase your chances of getting the big prize.
One could say that a perfect combination is a slot with random progressive jackpot that can be triggered using wilds and scatters as well. After making a little research you will notice that there are a big number of slots that possess these characteristics.

Are Progressive Jackpots for Real?

Some players have their doubts when progressive jackpots come in question because they think that online casinos donít payout these big winning amounts as often as they should, if never. Thatís why you should pick only slot games created by trusted software providers that are distributed by eminent online casinos. The reason for this is that these companies are regulated by third party boards whose goal is to protect the customers and make sure that the payout ratio is respected by the gambling entities.