Cheating at Slots

Each player whose ultimate goal is to make big profit or to hit a huge progressive jackpot has only one thought on his mind when he starts playing at a casino - How to cheat the house? Casinos have really modernized their equipment and machinery in the past decade. That’s why as each day passes by it is getting almost impossible for regular guys, hackers or math geniuses to cheat at any game. This is most notable when you talk about slots. Nevertheless there are few isolated cases where individuals succeeded to win at the casino using unfair methods. Here we will mention only the most famous and interesting scenarios where players have won huge amount of cash on slot machines using illegal methods.

The Innovative Computer Chip Created by Dennis Nikrasch

Dennis bought a slot machine for his home and he intended to use it in entertaining purposes only. After a while he bought few computer chips used with slot machines and figured out a way how to return his stakes. It didn’t take long for him to make a chip that would force the slot machine to give out the maximum payout. The only problem was that he didn’t possess a physical key of any other slot machines used at real casinos. When he got a trusted distributor of slot machine keys he created a team, which guarded him in the inside of the casino while he was planting the chip inside of the targeted slot. Using this method Dennis Nikrasch successfully cheated casinos in Nevada and Atlantic City where he collected more than $6 million from progressive jackpots. He was caught by the FBI when he tried to bust the $17 million Megabucks jackpot. The prison sentence was reduced after he agreed to collaborate and reveal his secrets.

The Monkey Paw, a Tommy Glenn Carmichael Invention

This invention was created after Carmichael served his sentence at a correctional facility where he was held for cheating on old slot machines. The basic idea was that the Monkey Paw could go through the machine and trigger a switch which was intended to give out the main prize. Tommy Glenn was very successful using this method on the Caribbean and in the US, but the slot machine manufacturers took more serious protection measures which made the Monkey Paw nonfunctional. Carmichale later cheated the more modern slot machines using a tongue like device which filled the machine with credits that could be cashed out. The authorities caught him after a while and he served his sentence again, after which he started creating anti cheating devices.

Ron Harris - Judas of the Gambling Community

Ron Harris was a part and a distinguished member of the Nevada Gaming Control. He used his knowledge in the gambling industry and programmed some slots used at great number of Las Vegas casinos to pay out the maximum prize when a scheme is applied. After this he would visit the casino, wagered at the targeted slot and win. For example the machine would give him the jackpot if he played out a sequel of one, two, one, three and four coins.