Why Work With Me?

As a writer, blogger, and podcaster I have a passion for helping people, but I also need to pay my bills, feed the birds in my garden and live.

So, as an addition to my other work, I provide simple, practical services because of my experience in the following areas. I don’t pretend to have a degree in social media management nor to be an expert, but I am an expert at what works and what doesn’t. I don’t make undeliverable promises and I make sure everything I do is thoroughly checked and thought out.

As I researched all of these possible opportunities, I saw many companies saying that they did a million things, describing in hyper-technical terms ways of working and offering hugely impossible results most of the time. After a long time working online, I noticed one thing, some things work, some things don’t, and you can’t guarantee success in anything you do. 

With me, you get what it says on the tin, nothing more, nothing less.


Social Media

Social media management for Facebook and Twitter. Experienced online presence of over 11,000 followers on Twitter and over 9000 on Facebook. High engagement. Years of practical experience


Digital Posters for your social media marketing. Inspirational digital posters for Facebook and Twitter. Lift your social media to a higher level with higher engagement and greater marketing potential

Voice Narration

Audio book narration in home studio. Experienced podcaster, former visionary of Peace Within Radio global music and mental health radio station. Healing voice that soothes and is easy to listen to.

social media plans

Organically grow your following and increase your reach with the FREEDOM PLAN or expand your following and inspire your social media presence in a faster way with the SOAR PLAN.

Soar £444

Per month

  • Twitter, Facebook & Instagram (or Pinterest, Linkedln)
  • Tailored content (researched weekly to prioritise your business)
  • Facebook 7 posts per week
  • Facebook - Monitoring and evaluation of post-analytics
  • One sponsored post or advertisement per month on your desired social network
  • Twitter - 21 tweets per week (3 per day)
  • Twitter - 21 relevant retweets per week (3 per day)
  • Instagram/Pinterest or Linkedln - 1 post - 3 times a week
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Inspirational Marketing Posters

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Happy to manage your social media account but struggle to make an impact?


Maybe you don’t know how to do posts or posters and want someone to take the stress out of it? 

I will create and supply 20 downloadable posters for the social media network of your choice

I add your own logo, website address and imagery and inspiration. 

These are the most shareable posters on social media networks and reach a lot of people. For example on my own page one of many influential posts reached over 99,000 people with over 400 shares

Audio Book Narration - Coming Soon!

Calm, Soothing Voice

Former producer of mental health radio station Peace Within Radio and creator of Kelly Martin Speaks Podcast, my voice is perfectly tailored for books that need a more soothing and calm voice. 

Animated Regional Accent

I have an English accent, from the North East, not dissimilar to Scottish, but a lot of softer. Check out my samples of me reading a more upbeat motivational book